Kansas Concerns of Police Survivors

The link below contains information about federal, state, local and private benefits that

may be available to survivors of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty in Kansas.  

This link is provided by the National office of Concerns of Police Survivors:

www.nationalcops.org /benefits/Kansas

Please note, each benefit has different eligibility criteria. Survivors may or may not be eligible to receive certain benefits based on each benefit's or organization's specific criteria. Questions about specific benefits should be directed to the organization providing the benefit.

                           In addition, the American Federation of Police & Concerned Citizens has

                           several benefit programs available to survivors of all ages. Some of their

                           programs include college scholarships, grief counseling, gift programs for

                           surviving children and parents, and camp scholarships,

                           To learn more go to: www.afp-cc.org.org

Survivor Benefits